X6 System developed by Georgios Chatzipetros under the Open Game License.

Please refer to the X6 Core Rulebook for further information about this form.


Priorities (0 points remaining)





Randomization Tip: To give the possibility of this character having a custom specialty (for example, Arts & Crafts) you will need to create the custom specialty first.

Wound Thresholds

Minor Wound: 5

Serious Wound: 10

Critical Wound: 20

Attributes (10 points remaining)

Attribute Specialties (50 levels remaining)

Strength Specialties

Dexterity Specialties

Reason Specialties

Intuition Specialties

Willpower Specialties

Charisma Specialties

Skills (15 points remaining)

Skill Specialties (75 levels remaining)

Athletics Specialties

Business Specialties

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